Solar Panel Mounting

When it involves mounting photovoltaic panels there are a few points that you need to know to get your solar energy system to work appropriately. There is no reason for you to spend countless bucks on a solar power system just to have the install go terribly wrong as a result of absence of knowledge.

1. Roof or Pole Mounted?
Photovoltaic panel are most typically Solar Panel Fasteners set up on the roof of your house. The reason that is the most usual area for a panel is due to the fact that it is generally the greatest spot on your home which normally indicates it will certainly get the very best sunlight. You can put a solar panel in various other locations, however you will certainly need to obtain a stand.

When you mount a panel on the roofing system of your house see to it you are affixing it to the rafters and not directly into the plywood. If there is not a rafter where you are putting the solar panel after that drill the panel right into a 2×4 to get the same stamina.

2. Choose the Area with the very best Solar Direct Exposure
The very best place to deal with the solar panel is to the South, so if whatsoever possible face it that way. If you can not encounter the photovoltaic panel because direction after that the following best instructions are the East and also West, never face it to the North.

3. Affix the Panel Securely
You need to have the panel completely set up on the ground to make certain you do not have loose pieces on the roof, this will make points much easier to collaborate with. You want to drill a couple of pilot openings simply to make certain you do not divide the beam of lights and afterwards attach your placing equipment to the light beams. Like I said prior to if you don’t have a beam of light after that utilize an item of timber to firmly secure the mounts on the roof covering. You will certainly want to make sure the panel is elevated off the roof concerning 3 to four inches due to the fact that it is a proven quick that they function much better and last much longer if there suffices airflow around the panels.

4. Attach The Electrical Wiring Appropriately
Since you have the photovoltaic panel in position it is time to link the circuitry. The initial thing you want to ensure is that the panel is effectively grounded. Following you will need to interconnect the panels by opening up the joint box on the back as well as linking one cell to the next until you get to the last cell in which you will certainly attach to the final panel to the separate range joint box.

5. Have an Electrical Contractor Check Your Work
After you have mounted your solar panels after that it is necessary that you obtain a qualified electrician to examine your deal with the installment. An electrician can make certain that all the links are made properly to make certain the safety and security of your DIY solar system.

Solar Panel Mounting
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